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TunnelSSH is targeted at sysadmin and advanced users. It's a port of OpenSSH on iOS that exists on almost any other platform. It is quite mandatory for many of us. It allows to reach entreprise network services, and personal family NAS and other devices at home while being outside. It allows also to get an IPv6 on networks which are only IPv4, and access specific management consoles which are only accessible through SSH embedded HTTP protocol. It will make the iOS platform a very useful system admin companion without having to carry a computer or an android phone aside the iPhone. My app is thought to be powerful yet easy to use so that people won't lose time configuring it. I have added useful features to allow basic functions offered by openSSH, which are already present on MacOS since ages and missing on iOS.
.Runs in background
.Global TCP proxy for the entire iOS device
.Redirections for local and distant ports
.Tunnels sharing through wifi
.No password, only private key
.Runs natively openSSH, OpenSSL, Libz
.Use of opensource software






  • CThe app requires an iTunes physical connection
  • Fnamed id_rsa
  • Fand asks you to enter the server infos
  • Pand chose wether you require global proxy and/or wifi sharing (only an IPv4 can be shared)
  • SRun OpenSSH in background
  • SAnd see how things are going





NOTE: Apple doesn't want me to continue distributing TunnelSSH on their app store, for some rules about VPN apps only allowing companies, not individuals (doh!), so I am forced to use an alternate way.


Version numbers
Current version uses OpenSSH 7.6p1, OpenSSL 1.0.2n, and zlib 1.2.11 .

Download the latest app here!!

I added some nice features: Key creation on the iPhone (it crashes, but works after some tries, sorry for that), inline advanced parameters in ssh_config (whatever you want to write)
Use cydia impactor to install it on your iPhone :

I want to change my private key

just put a new id_rsa file in the iTunes apps shared folder and configure the new server infos, it will be replaced by using the same process as the first time.

Where has my id_rsa private key gone?

I moved it to the .ssh folder in a specific location you cannot see but is mandatory for OpenSSH to run.

Where are the logs going once I disconnect?

The logs are moved to the iTunes shared folder where you put the id_rsa file, you can then save them on your computer and check them later.

How do I use the "wifi sharing" option?

Just use the iPhone's wifi ip and the ports you've setup in the "port forwards" section, or use the 9999 port in the "socks proxy" section of the device you want to ue the iPhone's connection with. The "wifi sharing" requires no password from other devices, so it is maybe a very bad idea to activate it in public spaces.

Why no password authentication?

Humans are weak, so are their passwords.

Could I save the configuration and private key in iCloud/DropBox/... ?


Why are some apps not working when "global proxy" is checked?

.The Global proxy only works with TCP and http/https connections, meaning all the apps that require UDP might fail
.As it uses MQTT, I have noticed Facebook Messenger works on text chats, but no other contents (urls, images...)
.Whatsapp refuses to work maybe for the same reason
.Instagram fails as well
.Most other apps I use are working without any issue (even banking apps, Apple iMessage, iCloud... still continue to work )

Where do I find help to create a private key and setup my server?

Note: The keys need to be in an OpenSSH compatible format. Keys created by other tools might not work without some conversion. You can find help in many places on the web, as for example here :, here ...

What is your roadmap for this app?

.I am not quite satisfied with the current GUI
.More parameters to configure.
.of course I will update the opensource libraries as soon as new versions are available.
.bug fixes




Video clip.


Video clip.